Sarıyer / İstanbul
4 hours
istanbul / Sariyer
10 - 20 Players
10 - 20 Players
Quad Bike
12000 m2 Airsoft Arena
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0 (542) 760-2280
0 (542) 760-2280
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At least 1 day ago on our GAME MADE WITH RESERVATIONS.
7/24 TEL: 0542 7.60228 million PHONE GAME our hours and days after your confirmation GAME PACKAGE TO BUY, YOU MUST TAKE THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS.
* Kilyos Forest Map Features; 12,000 m2 wooded area consists of dense trees 10 (5 + 5) opened the game with a max of 20 players (10 + 10) game with your player are organized groups. Half Day and Full Day you can play event.
* Included are; Airsoft rifles, 1,000 BB bullets, protective mask or goggles, radio, Storm vest, Tim cap hat, jacket off Games
* Extras; 1,000 extra $ 10 BB bullets
Airsoft sport features that give a person's success in real life, self-realization, being able to express yourself, family life and work life more productive, happiness level to increase its steps enjoy climbing privilege yaşatmaktadır.bug many people, age, gender, education - education level, occupation group , status, whatever the human being features and with no incentive to make better the lives legitimate and moral level is low in başvurmaktadır.airsoft the illegitimate way, the existence of human self-realization, raise the happiness level to ensure the understanding of the way forward with a legitimate way, therapy is a life that will encourage them to spend his life.
AIRSOFT 'that the person to GIVE VALUE
Leadership and management are shipped by each team leader. People who are trying to target the transport of leadership team and leadership skills using this information. Leaders are expected to manage the team as the chosen people because they do not just do it with all the skills and knowledge to be the leader of a leading man. Airsoft effective for a person in a leading position during the game that reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership training is a good trainer.
Team spirit: while trying to reach the goal of leading the management team members are also required to watch the team and support each other. People of the same team during the game, no matter what their relationship and communication in private life must act firmly connected to each other and consistent. One of the key factors in achieving the goal is to move in together in harmony. Which clearly revealed the weaknesses of the human game, also reveal the person's strengths.
Leader of compliance: should adapt strategies to be implemented fully within the framework of the team members and leaders should act with its directives. Any team member makes a move outside of their task, not only does not listen to the leader himself and other teammates also endangers game. Due to this incompatibility team, he loses points, the strategy suffers a breakdown and can not reach the goal. A team leader in both work and family life and the chances of success in this game which consists of elements which are quite suitable to yüksektir.ekip adapting to work and can be applied to the detection of non-members in any environment Airsoft implemented by all institutions.
Uncover the natural leader: the leader out of the game when the strategy applied in the designated leader of the command will be passed to the command in such a state whose leader is the second leading determined. The second leader is also expected to remain out of the game to take the leadership position of any one of the other elements. In which the lead character but the net social life until now what life business did not discover it, and out people who do not remove this difficult and emergency natural potential in a leadership role üstlenir.ins when and capabilities emerge spontaneously in difficult situations. Airsoft elicit a natural leader, a leader in the person of vision training is a very effective game.
Tackle the challenges: every kind of barrier to reach the goal of team members with various degrees of difficulty expandable airsoft game scenarios and must overcome the difficulties. Strategy for implementing the risk of eye area, the opposing team, the team members who continue to fight until the end of the strategy will gain mental skills they can apply in real life. The high fighting spirit during the game will reveal themselves and non-members.
Life in all circumstances remain to work up: in extreme moments, where the strategy to be successful all team members play even if it is deactivated should continue the struggle continued with a single element game and must demonstrate their abilities. This behavior is expected from the last remaining person is also in a person's work life and social life in survival without giving up the idea of ​​verecektir.h Bremen to what to do in every circumstance and to bring about the goal attainment determination test etmedeairsoft a good education choices.
Patience: awareness of the need to act with patience to reach the target in this game is better understood. It can be patient, because many games teach uğrayabiliyor.kişi failure due to a loss of impatient team members to concentrate on the game and sign a good strategy game airsoft as a training tool. The team that people are impatient and impetuous of the problem may be.
Strategy development: It is difficult to determine before the game, each team playing strategies. The field to play the game and put into practice the strategy determined by the number of players. Establishing a flexible strategy in the game so the team can take the opposite position by the side of the strategy. Play each game with the strategies will increase the ability and knowledge, which can be completed as missing were identified, individuals with these skills will be able to create their own life strategies they have developed in their social life and work life.
Take lessons from mistakes: mistakes made by analyzing a course is removed in each game. Thus errors from the disadvantage into an advantage. People to collapse in the face of error and error they learn to use it as a stepping stone to progress.
Failure in the face of failure: a Lost game is the beginning of a new game to be won. New strategies for the new game, new goals, new motivation is revealed. At the start of each game and win people must learn to be ready to start the game to lose. This attitude always keep alive the resumption of power failure to reach the target in real life. This feature people learned during the game can be used as a stepping stone to the success of few steps ahead tutacaktır.başarısızlık from others, success in managerial jobs go to people motivated and Airsoft people in teaching is done with a vision of looking for new target appears as a game reinforces the psychological aspect.
Use of talent: the success of team Team members present abilities, discover their hidden talent in amazement using to reach your goal. When or if the conditions remain difficult or, where appropriate, an opportunity to find many people the potential to be expected from him, reveals talents. Airsoft is a good tool for that.
Self-discovery: Airsoft can also discover oneself, it is a game that can recognize itself. Many capabilities, features, characteristics of the structure, hidden powers, weaknesses, according to the difficulty level of tension has given himself çıkabilmektedir.ins discover during the game, boundaries lets you know how large.